Our Weekly Activities

Enrichment in the Afternoon!


We feel enrichment is an important part of our children's learning experience. We offer a wide range of activities for all ages that broaden creative horizons, promote imagination, build relationships and teach new skills. Our professional, experienced staff values the diversity of each child and provides a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive. Expect to see enrichment classes each day at Brighter Beginnings in our preschool classes during our academic school year...



Our Spanish program includes lessons appropriate for preschoolers that are organized by topics familiar to the child, such as colors, clothing, food, family, and animals. Lessons will include games, puzzles, songs, chants, and writing activities. Your child will be thrilled to begin learning the foundation of a second language. 

Character Building

Children will develop critical social skills including effective turn-taking, flexibility, reading social cues, and conflict resolution. The class will support creative play and teach children to navigate social situations in a structured, fun, and warm environment. Brighter Beginnings’ monthly Character Education theme will be emphasized with each class with the goal that each child will learn a core set of values that they can call on throughout their lives to guide their behaviors and attitudes.

SPARKS Physical Education

SPARKS PE is designed to provide children ages 2-6 with high activity, academically integrated, enjoyable movement opportunities that foster social and motor development and enhance school readiness skills. Young children love SPARKS activities because they are age-appropriate, engaging, rhythmical, and fun.

Little Explorers

Each month, the children will grab their suitcases and passports and travel to different countries... From Italy, to Africa, this class allows children to imagine life in different countries and learn about different cultures, all from the comfort of their very own classrooms!.


What? Why? How? These are just some of the questions we’ll try to answer as we look at the world of every day science. We will encourage curiosity, hone observation skills and learn about the scientific process through experiments and hands on activities. We will have fun learning about the amazing science that’s around us every day!.