Our Weekly Activities

Enrichment Activities



We feel enrichment is an important part of our children's learning experience. We offer a wide range of activities for all ages that broaden creative horizons, promote imagination, build relationships and teach new skills. Our professional, experienced staff values the diversity of each child and provides a safe and nurturing environment where your child can thrive. Expect to see enrichment classes each day at Brighter Beginnings.


Our Spanish program includes lessons appropriate for preschoolers that are organized by topics familiar to the child, such as colors, clothing, food, family, and animals. Lessons will include games, puzzles, songs, chants, and writing activities. Your child will be thrilled to begin learning the foundation of a second language. 


Our Music program will introduce your child to the musical world of instruments through a trained instructor, Miss Lexi Fae, who will foster their artistic growth. Music helps to improve children’s memory, cognitive learning skills and ability to express emotions. It teaches children self-control, improves co-ordination, enhances creativity and nurtures lifelong appreciation of music and movement.

Our Drama program encourages creative expression through living stories inspired by the children, puppetry, storytelling and games.

Sign Language
When a child learns to use signs, not only does it aid in his or her speech development but also provides them with a wonderful tool in early communication. Sign language taps into your child's ability to communicate through use of fine motor skills. A child's fine motor skills develop well before a child develops speech - the ability to produce and articulate words. Each class uses sign language to enhance ongoing curriculum. Students work on vocabulary such as alphabet, days of the week, colors, and family members.

Sparks PE

SPARK EC is designed to provide children ages 2-6 with high activity, academically integrated, enjoyable movement opportunities that foster social and motor development and enhance school readiness skills. Young children love SPARK EC activities because they are age-appropriate, engaging, rhythmical, and fun.